Mission & Goals

The Downtown RiverMarket is operated by the City of Monroe and was made possible with funding from the city of Monroe, state funding, Monroe-West Monroe Convention & Visitors Bureau, and Monroe Renaissance. The RiverMarket is part of the Downtown RiverMarket Days, a nine-month festival. This festival is a celebration of downtown and the river featuring artisans, food, produce, entertainment, workshops, Kid’s activities and other products offered by merchants.

Mission: To serve as a gathering place and a launching pad for small businesses, and establish downtown as a shopping and entertainment destination.

Vision & Goals:

  1. To provide fresh, quality food choices including produce and prepared foods.  
  2. To provide small family farmers a venue to sell their goods.
  3. Provide education on healthy eating and making good food choices.
  4. To establish downtown as a shopping and entertainment destination.       
  5. To serve as a catalyst for re-investment in the downtown area; a springboard for new development.
  6. To attract visitors to the area.
  7. To host a RiverMarket that is designed to become the pride of our community.
  8. To create entrepreneurial opportunities by providing a launching pad for new entrepreneurs and small businesses. To provide a low-cost storefront, provide advertising, and a shopping environment.
  9. To serve as a community gathering place.
  10. To provide cultural activities.  
  11. To assist with beautification to make the area attractive to visitors.
  12. To host a festival that will celebrate downtown and highlight the river as one of our best assets.